TUK-TUK TOUR : The Best Culture Tour  Temples (Wats) Chiangmai’s Top 10 Temples. You Need To Visit. All around the beautiful of Chiang Mai's old city, the temples stunning religious Art and Architecture.  While travelers enjoy visiting these temples for photo ops and some great sightseeing, these ancient (wats)

  temples play an important role in everyday lives of many religious Thais. So, take a look at the Culture Trip's guide.

Wat Phra Singh is a living and working temple and very much part of the local community with a monastery. The Phra Singh Buddha statue is housed in the elegant Wiharn Lai Kham.the Lanna-style Wiharn Lai Kham underwent extensive renovation in the early 1800s. It was at this time that murals were painted on to the interior side-walls. The murals have faded over the years, sight depicting local life alongside tales from the Jataka illustrating the previous lives of the Buddha.

Wat Chiang Man
Wat Chiang Man is reportedly the oldest temple in Chiang Mai and established some 700 years ago. The name “Chiang Man” means “City Stable” which considering is Chiang Mai had just had to be relocated may be a good name for the new city’s Royal temple.

Wat Sri Suphan was founded in 1502 a sign of the cross over between it indium and Buddhism in Thailand. It over the years parts of the temple were repaired with silver from the local village the process of completely covering the temple in silver only began in 2008.

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