Located across the road from the historic Wat Chedi Luang temple, Chala Number 6 is a modern and exclusive city hotel featuring all the comforts and amenities of a five star property while being respectful and humble of its significant location. 

The Lanna Kingdom, of which Chiang Mai is the capital, once spanned Southern China, eastern Myanmar and Laos, and was known for its abundance of natural resources. It is the lifestyle and plentiful nature of this era of Lanna that inspired the design of the hotel. Like living compounds in days past, Chala Number 6’s buildings are scattered around the perimeter of the property, looking inwards towards its communal area. Like traditional homes, living quarters are on the most part upstairs overlooking the compound crowned at its centre by a reproduction of a traditional lhong, or rice barn, exquisitely carved and created from hardwood by a renowned local crafts master. 

True to tradition and belief, each aspect of Chala Number 6 is rooted in culture. The swimming pool at the centre of the hotel echoes the wells found at the heart of old family compounds. The stilted rice barn which traditionally contained the wealth of its owners would also have acted as a communal living space underneath, and at Chala Number 6 this centrepiece is where cultural activities and arts and crafts are held each day.

To symbolise the abundance and fertility of the Chiang Mai valley in days past, peacocks, a bird which is only found in the most bountiful of forests, is used as a motif throughout the property