Chala number 6

At the heart of the north of Thailand, set in a lush valley surrounded by mountains sits Chiang Mai, a city recently designated by UNESCO as a Creative City of Crafts and Folk Arts. This old moated city is surrounded by crumbling brick walls and gate, marking its ancient boundaries. History, culture and temples define old Chiang Mai, which dates over 700 years. Over 30 temples stand in the one square mile old city, nestled amongst ancient communities of craftspeople, luxurious spas, an abundance of shops and boutiques, fine restaurants and numerous historical and modern attractions.

 At the very heart of the city is the Inthakin City Pillar, known as the navel of the city, a revered piece of antiquity housed in the famous and beautiful Wat Chedi Luang temple, which is a few steps away from Chala Number 6, an elegant city hotel located a stone’s throw from the very navel of this historic city.